Tilted Pelvis


What Is Tilted Pelvis?

Altered your pants and realize the lengths are not even after you tried it on? It may not be the tailor’s mistake. Tilted Pelvis is a condition which can be brought about as a result of a number of factors that are directly related to the sufferer’s lifestyle. Many people who have jobs that involve sitting for long periods of time or into activities like walking or running for long periods are prone to a tilted pelvis or pelvis imbalance.

Tilted Pelvis is also referred to as Pelvic Obliquity. A tilted pelvis will bring about a difference in length of both legs. This will cause an imbalance and will give the appearance in some but not all cases that the sufferer is leaning to one side slightly. If this imbalance can be seen, it means the condition has grown over the years and it is time seek treatment before the tilt gets more pronounced.

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