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What Is Spine Pain?

The spine is made up of bones, also known as the vertebrae. Each vertebra has cartilage discs between them. The spine is connected to the ribs at the chest and is divided into three parts:

  1. Neck (cervical vertebrae)
  2. Chest (thoracic vertebrae)
  3. The lower back (lumbar vertebrae)

The spinal discs consist of a circle of connective tissues with a central gel-like core. This makes the spine flexible and also acts as a shock absorber.

At the center of this column of vertebrae and discs is the spinal canal. It contains the spinal cord and a bundle of nerve fibre stretching down towards the sacrum.

The sacrum is a large irregular triangular-shaped bone made up of the five fused vertebrae below the lumbar region. This is known as the lower spine. The sacrum is inserted like a wedge between the two pelvic bones and is held together by the two sacroiliac joints.

As a result, many back pain sufferers usually feel the pain where the lumbar and sacrum region of the spine connect. This is because this region is subjected to a large amount of stress due to bad postural habits or strenuous activities.

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