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Many people are looking for scoliosis treatment in Singapore without surgery but do not know where to seek proper treatment! Let’s take a look at what scoliosis is all about. Click on the boxes below to find out more!

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a chronic and progressive disease that causes you to develop an abnormal curvature of the spine sideways, making you look ‘crooked’.

Scoliosis can cause back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, numbness, weakness and shooting pain in the legs as well as other body aches and pain.

Depending on the severity of the deformity, you will be able to see some distortion in your body or some form of deformities in your spine, bone, joint or muscular development.

Scoliosis may be discovered during the following stages of growing up:

Infantile – from age 0 to 3
Juvenile – from age 4 to 10
Adolescent – from age 11 to 18
Adult – discovered in adulthood after skeletal maturity has occurred

Children with long-term medical problems may also develop scoliosis. The medical problems can be muscular dystrophy, osteogenesis imperfecta, Marfan syndrome, or cerebral palsy. Children with tumours or growths on their spine may also suffer from scoliosis.

A scoliosis check can be done by observing your posture through the frontal, back, and side view in front of the mirror. Scoliosis will cause you to have the following physical distortion, please check now:

  • Uneven hip or waistline
  • Uneven chest or breast
  • Different leg length
  • Different arm length
  • Protruding ribcage on the left or right
  • A sunken shoulder blade or protruding shoulder blade
  • ‘Dowager’s hump’ in the back
  • Crooked neck
  • Crooked face
  • Uneven jawline
  • Protruding jawline
  • Bow-leggedness
  • Knock knees
  • Body feels twisted or rotated with one shoulder; one side of the ribcage or hip is more forwarded than the other
  • Impediment of height growth of a child during puberty
  • Uneven gait
What Causes Scoliosis?

Scoliosis can be hereditary or due to environmental factors although there is no consensus in the medical industry. Scoliosis is ‘idiopathic’ which means the real cause is not fully known by medical sciences yet.

For example, if one of the parents is born with severe scoliosis, your children may not necessarily have severe scoliosis. They may just suffer mild scoliosis, which is a mild curvature in their spine instead of a severe one.

But if one of your parents has mild scoliosis, sometimes your children can be born with a severe scoliosis condition as compared to you.

Even among siblings in the same family or related cousins and relatives, the degree of curvature of scoliosis defers from every individual; some can be serious, and some can be just a mild deformity.

However, along the family tree, there is a high possibility that some may suffer from mild to severe scoliosis, both men and women, young or elderly.

What Are The Scoliosis Pain Symptoms That Can Be Felt if You Have Scoliosis?

People suffering from scoliosis may start to experience back, shoulder, neck, knee pain, or other body pain from as young as 7 years old and through to their adulthood. The pain conditions can range from mild to severe depending on different people.

Children with scoliosis will start to feel the pain taking effect when they start to grow up during their puberty as the spine develops quickly.

Scoliosis can cause the following physical symptoms but on top of that, it can result in many emotional traumas which many people do not understand or tend to misunderstand as well:

Physical Pain

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Heel pain
  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty sleeping / Insomnia
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Sinusitis
  • Persistent pain
  • Heart and lung problems: in severe cases causing breathing and circulation complications
  • Affecting children’s height growth during puberty

Emotional Pain

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Shyness
  • Self-consciousness
  • Feelings of shame
  • Feelings of unattractiveness due to the physical deformity
  • Insecurity

About Adult’s Scoliosis

Types of Scoliosis

Adults who have scoliosis will experience more back, shoulder, neck, knee pain and other bodily pains or hand and leg numbness as compared to the children; although not necessarily so. The pain can be made worse if you have poor posture since young or due to bad habits and lifestyle.

Adults going through the ageing process can also experience faster wear and tear diseases like osteoarthritis for the back, neck and knees or other parts of the body as compared to a normal person.

As for ladies who are undergoing menopause or having osteoporosis, they will experience more bodily pains as it causes them to have brittle bones and weak muscles.

As a result, there may be instances where bone spurs can grow at certain parts of the body, impinging on the nerves and causing arm and leg numbness.

About Children’s Scoliosis

Scoliosis in Children

Scoliosis causes not just physical pain but also lots of emotional pain and scarring in children. Children with scoliosis can be very conscious of their bodies as they grow up, especially during puberty when there is a growth spurt. Children may feel embarrassed as to why their bodies are different from their peers physically.

They tend to be more conscious of their hump behind their backs, which can deviate more towards the side or can result in protrusions of their shoulder blades, chest, or breast bones.

Due to the obvious physical deformity, children are easily made a target of ridicule in school and become a victim of being bullied. Children with scoliosis are very vulnerable as they have to suffer both physical pain and emotional hurt causing them to have low self-esteem, trying to avoid school, or have difficulty making friends altogether.

The risk of traditional surgical methods or bracing for scoliosis

The Risk of Traditional Surgical Methods or Bracing For Scoliosis!

In the past, people who have severe scoliosis were treated their scoliosis through the traditional surgical method called the ‘Harrington rod’ technique. This technique may straighten the spine but does not get rid of the sufferer’s aches and pains and can come with many complications.

This ‘Harrington rod’ technique is a high-risk and invasive surgery that often left behind scarring on the back of the patients and a lack of feeling in their back.

People with scoliosis who have gone through such surgery, experience severe limitations to their range of motion in their bodies. Their bodies are unable to bend forward or round their back normally. Neither are they able to turn their head from side to side freely. They also tend to lose their body flexibility and muscle strength, affecting their performance during daily activities.

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Other than surgery, some children are advised to use a ‘scoliosis brace’ from young, which is not recommended too. The brace can be a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ one depending on the scoliosis conditions. However, long-term dependence will cause their muscles to be atrophied as it will hinder the other muscles to be activated and developing properly.

The ‘scoliosis brace’ can sometimes cause pain and restrict children’s bodily movements and functions.

Wearing a scoliosis brace may cause the child to feel embarrassed or insecure as they are more conscious of their appearance or body image during their growing up years.

They may refuse to wear the scoliosis brace as children; alienating them by feeling ‘abnormal’ instead of being an aid to help them.

Is Scoliosis Treatment Without Surgery Possible?

Scoliosis can be managed well with proper education and lifestyle such as:

Good Lifestyle Habits

Practice good lifestyle habits, study or office ergonomics for school children or working class


Education on strengthening the correct muscles that are ‘dormant’: inculcate good sitting & standing postures and spinal alignment

The Correct Treatment

Seek out the correct treatment and scoliosis experts in time

Scoliosis Treatment In Singapore Without Surgery Is Available Here. Find Out How!

Integrated Pain-X™ IPX™ Treatment logo
Fret not! Scoliosis can be managed well from childhood to adulthood through our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment. It is our exclusive Scoliosis Treatment In Singapore Without Surgery, only available here and not anywhere else.
IPX™ Treatment can teach the child or adult about the correct spinal and joint alignment of their bodies to prevent the scoliosis curvature from getting worse; by retraining the muscle and brain memory. Our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment will stop your pain and help to level out your spine if you put in your diligence.

IPX™ Treatment teaches you how you can manage your scoliosis by moving your spine freely, without any restrictions or limitations. It allows your spine to explore its full potential and move through the full range of motion in a 360-degree fashion with rhythmic breathing patterns to correct the scoliosis curvature.

IPX™ Treatment can also help those who have compression in their heart or lungs causing breathing problems, which tends to be the consequence of suffering from scoliosis.

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From early childhood, children must be educated on why they are born differently physically compared to other children and how they can take charge of their own health instead of focusing on the bad and negative sides.

Instead of subjecting themselves to occasions of being bullied or ridiculed due to their physical deformities; children can fight back by being conscientious in their physical correction for scoliosis.

This can be done through the education on the correct spinal alignment and equipping them with the knowledge of self-healing and self-correction using our IPX™ Treatment to improve the scoliosis conditions.

If you want to find out more about how our scoliosis treatment in Singapore without surgery called the Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment can help with your scoliosis, book a FREE scoliosis checkup with us today (usual price: $120).

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See The Best Results* For Your Scoliosis Just After 1 Treatment!


Reduces back pain, inflammation and spinal curvature


Reduces buttock pain and leg numbness


Relieves back muscle cramps and tightness


Reduces knee joint stiffness and weakness


Improves back strength, flexibility and mobility


Regain the ability to climb stairs and slopes


Helps you to walk, squat, kneel and run with lesser pain


Reduces neck pain and hand numbness


Increased range of motion in your spine


Better leg alignment


Posture and gait are better


Can sleep better at night


Balances the hip and shoulder blade


Can study or work better with no pain


Reduced stress level

*Results may vary based on individual conditions

Our Scoliosis Treatment Has High Success Rates With Proven Results!

The Body Clinic’s Scoliosis treatment is different from others as it not only increases your rate of recovery for your neck and back pain but also shortens your recuperation process. This boosts our clients’ positive outlook on their recovery without giving up on the hope of finding the right scoliosis treatment for themselves.

Many clients come to us for their scoliosis rehabilitation needs such as neck and back pain due to the spinal curvature progression that pulls and strains the muscles. In conclusion, our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment has proven to have high success rates with effective results.

Our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment, only exclusive to The Body Clinic, has won the trust and support of over 10,000 clients for the past 18 years which is not available in other places since its establishment in 2004.

Given below is the comparison between our scoliosis treatment versus other treatments in their collective ratings:

IPX Treatment High Success Rate Bar Chart

See The Transformation Of Our Clients Who Have Improved On Their Scoliosis

Seeing is believing as the saying goes! Look at how our clients with scoliosis, young and old, who received Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment at The Body Clinic, have experienced vast improvements:

Mdm Chee Before The Body Clinic Scoliosis Treatment

Before Therapy

Mdm Chee After The Body Clinic Scoliosis Treatment

After IPX™ Therapy

The Body Clinic IPX Therapy Before And After

Notice how a naturally good posture, coupled with a strengthened and well-stretched body can rid your scoliosis back pain woes and put your self-confidence at your peak!

“I had scoliosis 4 years ago. To straighten my back, I tried various treatments such as the electric heat therapy but they didn’t work for me. That’s when I decided to try The Body Clinic and, since then, I’ve had no regrets. I feel great now and actually grew taller! My self-esteem has improved and I have even been told that I am more positive!”

Chrystal Leong

20 years old

Our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment Surpasses Traditional Healing Methods!

A study was done on a group of 80 male and female respondents. Their age range is between 13 to 90 years old. All of them have gone through 1-hour of our exclusive Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment.

As a result, after 3 days of monitoring, the respondents indicated the following improvements:


Reduction in neck, shoulder, back and knee pain – 100% agreed


Reduction in neck, shoulder, back and knee muscle tightness – 100% agreed


Reduced stiffness in knee joints – 97.9% agreed


Improved neck, shoulder, back and knee flexibility and muscle strength – 100% agreed


Increased neck and back range of motion – 98.0% agreed


Better posture and gait – 96.6% agreed


Feel lighter, slimmer and taller – 96.2% agreed


Improved sleep quality for 2 nights or more – 95.7% agreed


Better work productivity – 96.2% agreed

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