“In April last year I was feeling very miserable with my knee pain and I came across The Body Clinic. I remember I had to ask for a walking stick due to the spasm on my left leg on my first visit there. Time really flies, just after 7 months of therapy, I emerge with a better posture, flexible gait, a less obvious bow legs. The better news is that I no longer experience spasm on my left leg and there is almost zero pain in my knee! Because of these improvements, I felt I am not a disabled even when I have been told by doctors before that I will not be able to squat even if I go for a surgery. My neighbours were surprised to see me spring into the lift one day, a vast difference from the days I used to limp slowly in, with them holding the lift patiently for me. My colleague saw the incredible improvement in my gait too! The therapists there are an interesting lot. I love attending my therapies regularly as The Body Clinic has a non-threatening, friendly, and soothing environment. Gone were the days when my life revolved around taking painkillers, glucosamine, pain relief cream, and visiting other practitioners. The Body Clinic, to me, is my saviour for my knee pain.”