“The pain in both my calves used to minimise my time spent on my loved ones. I had seen TCM practitioners and chiropractors but I couldn’t get better. I am not giving up without another fight, and so I sought help from The Body Clinic with the support of my wife and since then, I experienced tremendous reduction of the pain after just 3 months. I feel more confident and less self-conscious during my 12-hour shift work as I can stand for a longer period and walk faster without difficulties. When I meet up with my friends, I no longer have to leave earlier too. What’s even better is that I can finally bring my wife out for shopping, dining and movies watching – our favourite past times! My wife commented that my back is straighter and I can walk faster. I feel that there will be no more pain after completing the therapies. I am looking forward to living my life to the fullest again, and I thank The Body Clinic for being part of my life.”