Stages of Knee Osteoarthritis

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Feeling Knee Pain?

In Singapore, many people suffer knee pain in silence without seeking proper knee treatment due to fear of knee replacement surgery.

The knee pain survey we conducted revealed that many Singaporeans have suffered from chronic knee pain at some point in their lives, and most of them are at risk of developing knee osteoarthritis in their lifetime due to poor lifestyle choices, ageing, or injury.

Of the many Singaporeans with kneecap pain, only 50% said that they had sought professional medical treatment for their knee problems.

Despite this, most knee pain sufferers waited until their quality of life was seriously affected before going to the doctor as they were afraid of total knee replacement surgery.

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In our survey, we found that these people are more likely to endure the pain until they are unable to walk before seeking treatment for their knee pain, which is too late and too expensive.

Despite the high prevalence of chronic knee pain among Singaporeans, many are unaware of knee osteoarthritis – the most common form of osteoarthritis and knee arthritis for the kneecap.

Parts of The Human Knee

Which Part Are You Having Knee Pain?

When you suffer from knee pain, you may notice pain symptoms appearing in the following parts of your knee:

  • Pain below the kneecap
  • Pain on the inner side of the kneecap
  • Pain on the outer side of the kneecap
  • Pain behind the knee joint
Knee Osteoarthritis Singapore

What Knee Pain Symptoms Indicate You Have Knee Osteoarthritis?

You may be suffering from knee osteoarthritis if you experience the following knee pain symptoms that are affecting your daily life. Find out now:

  • Knee pain when bending to wear pants causes the kneecap to lock
  • Knee pain when walking and cannot do grocery shopping
  • Knee pain when squatting and cannot kneel to pray
  • Knee pain when running due to the sharp pain in front of the kneecap
  • Knee pain when climbing stairs and having to use an umbrella as a walking stick
  • Knee pain when cycling and cannot fully extend or flex
Knee Osteoarthritis Singapore

Understanding More About Your Knee Pain

What is the leading cause of knee pain? What exactly is knee osteoarthritis and who is more susceptible to it? Click on the boxes below to learn more!

What Causes Knee Pain?

Knee osteoarthritis, also known as wear and tear arthritis, is one of the leading causes of knee pain. It is a common knee problem that describes the natural cushioning between the upper leg bone end (femur) and lower leg bone end (tibia) called the knee cartilage wears away.

During knee osteoarthritis, the knee cartilage that cushions and protects the upper thigh bone (femur) and lower thigh bone (tibia), allowing the kneecap to bend and move freely, is worn out. You can even hear grinding or crunching sounds in your knee joint as you bend your knee which is painful.

As the shock-absorbing knee cartilage wears out, the upper thigh bone (femur) and lower thigh bone (tibia) may start rubbing against each other. As a result of the rubbing, the knee is painful, inflamed, swollen, and stiff and there is a loss of movement and flexibility in the knee joint. It can also result in bone spurs forming within the joint called osteophytes which are caused by knee degeneration.

“Knee osteoarthritis hits you with knee pain and stiffness in the early stages, but it can progress to become a very serious condition over time in which you can’t even bend it. Without proper knee treatment, joint deformities can develop in the kneecap, resulting in mobility issues and even disabilities, requiring you to use a wheelchair or walking stick for the rest of your life.”

– Mr Cher, Chief Consultant at The Body Clinic

Who Typically Has Knee Pain?

“Knee pain affects both men and women, especially those in their 40s or older. Knee pain becomes more common with advancing age. Young people are also susceptible to developing knee osteoarthritis, and the average age group is becoming younger over time.”

– Mr Cher, Chief Consultant at The Body Clinic

Knee pain is also work-related if you sit and stand for long hours, walk long distances, or climb up and down the stairs frequently causing the knee cartilage to wear out quickly. It can also affect you if you are overweight, or exercise incorrectly putting too much weight and pressure on your knee joint with the wrong alignment.

Furthermore, our survey revealed that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the growing trend of work-from-home and leading a sedentary lifestyle is another risk factor for developing knee osteoarthritis causing knee pain as the muscles around the kneecap weaken from inactivity.

What Are Other Causes Of Knee Pain?

Rheumatoid Arthritis SingaporeOther causes of knee pain can also be due to the following knee problems:

  • Knee Injury
  • Knee Accident
  • Dislocated Kneecap
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Patellar Tendonitis
  • Gout

“Early detection is a critical factor in delaying disease progression in the knee joint. Appropriate knee pain treatment in conjunction with lifestyle modification can assist in maintaining the knee joint’s flexibility and mobility. This will help to delay invasive surgery such as total knee replacement which is costly and irreversible.”

– Mr Cher, Chief Consultant at The Body Clinic

Knee Replacement Surgery Parts

What Is Total Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement is known as ‘knee arthroplasty’ or ‘total knee replacement’. It is done by cutting away the damaged bone and cartilage from your thigh bone, shinbone and kneecap and replacing it with an artificial joint called ‘prosthesis’.

The prosthesis, which is an artificial knee joint, is made of metal alloys, plastic parts, and polymers. This surgery will be the last resort for someone who is suffering from severe knee osteoarthritis as it has its disadvantages.

Risks Of Knee Replacement Surgery That You Must Be Aware Of!

Post Knee Replacement Surgery

Are you contemplating knee replacement surgery? You may reconsider after reading this (which no one will tell you).

According to our survey, we found out that many Singaporeans do not know the side effects and disadvantages of a knee replacement surgery, believing it to be the end-all solution to their throbbing knee pain. But this is not true!

Do you know that after knee surgery, you can no longer bend your knee fully, squat, or kneel completely to do your daily chores or even pray?

Learn about the 14 disadvantages of knee replacement surgery which are irreversible and you may want to consider carefully:

Post Knee Replacement Surgery

14 Disadvantages of A Knee Replacement Surgery


Loss Of Motion Caused By
Knee Stiffness

Many patients experience constant knee stiffness and loss of motion such as the inability to bend the knee which affects their walking or doing other activities.


Prosthesis Does Not Last Forever!

The sad truth is, artificial knee replacement does not last forever and may require additional surgery, which further injures and weakens your knee muscles, tendon and ligaments due to the operation.

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The younger you are when you do knee surgery, the more likely you will wear out the knee replacement joints. It is even worse if you are overweight or do heavy manual work.


Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Knee surgery may lead to a blood clot in one or more of the deep veins in your body, such as your leg veins causing blockage of blood flow. A blood clot can also happen in your lungs as well.


Artificial Joint Becomes Loose

Your artificial joint may become loose over time which often requires another knee surgery as the cement that holds the joint has worn out.


Nerve And Blood Vessels Damage

During knee surgery, there is a possibility that may lead to nerve or blood vessel damage causing foot drop, numbness, weakness, tingling, or burning sensation.


Anaesthesia Complications

Patients over 60 years of age can suffer from cognitive dysfunction. Side effects such as breathing difficulties, vomiting and dizziness can occur.


Tendons and Ligaments Injury

Knee tendons and ligaments can be injured during surgery causing more pain, restricted range of motion, instability, and mobility.


Increased Risk of Heart Attack

Studies have shown that patients undergoing knee replacement are 9 times more likely to suffer from a heart attack.


Risk of Infection

Serious infection can happen and the artificial joint must be removed and replaced.


Caused Back Pain Due To Leg Length Differences

Knee surgery can result in leg length differences which cause lower back, hip and ankle pain.


Bleeding and Wound Healing Complications
Patients who are suffering from diabetes or compromised immune responses find that their wound do not heal well.


Build-up of Toxic Metal Ions
In The Blood

The artificial knee joint is made up of metals that can leak into the bloodstream due to wear and tear, causing illnesses.


Persistent Pain
Patients have feedback that despite having successful knee surgery, some of them still suffer from ongoing knee pain which is not foolproof.


Allergic Reactions
Patients may have allergic reactions to artificial knee joints as they may contain titanium or a cobalt-chromium-based alloy. Additional surgery may be required.

Knee Pain Treatment In Singapore Without Surgery Is Possible! Find Out More…

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Stop your knee pain without surgery using The Body Clinic’s effective Pain Relief Treatment called Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment that resolves your knee pain naturally without side effects from knee replacement surgery, medicine, or injections!
Our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment helps you to walk better, sit and stand longer, perform your job better, and not have to deal with throbbing knee pain every night.

It is a personalised treatment that helps relieve knee pain when bending, walking, standing, or sitting.

It relieves swollen knees, stiff knee joints, knee muscle strain and spasms and strengthens your knee joints and muscles with effective results.

Our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment is a holistic and non-invasive treatment that heals your knee pain due to ageing, knee joint degeneration, knee injury or accident such as:

  • Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Patellar Tendonitis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Pain behind knee and more!

How Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment Works

Our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment comprises the following unique features that work beyond traditional pain relief treatments to decompress your spine and joints:

Multi-Dimensional Movement Therapy

Muscle Release Technique

Joint Mobilisation

Spinal Alignment Technique

It stretches and strengthens your knee muscles, tendons, ligaments and realigns your organs which improves your knee strength and flexibility to prevent injuries.

More importantly, the multi-dimensional movement therapy is a combination of art and science that engages unrestricted motions with assisted resistance, waking the knee muscles that often get ignored.

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For instance, when the knee muscles are strengthened and lengthened, the spine gets its much-needed support, which is the central pillar to the other parts of your body, therefore reducing and eventually relieving the pain in your knee joint and muscle. Most importantly, you will hear lesser creaking knee joints and experience reduced stiffness in your knee which helps in the weakness of your knee joint.

Above all, the Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment is so powerful that it does not require any medicine, injections, surgery, or any forceful manipulation and bone-cracking to your body that you are afraid of!

Let your innate healing potential take charge instead!

It’s time to let go of your knee pain, regain your leg strength and flexibility and enjoy your life again.

Say NO to surgery, medicine, or injections! Book a FREE knee pain checkup with us now (Usual Price: $120).

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See The Best Results* For Your Knee Pain Just After 1 Treatment!


Reduces knee pain and inflammation


Reduces knee swelling and numbness


Relieves knee muscle cramps and tightness


Reduces knee joint stiffness and weakness


Improves knee strength, flexibility and mobility


Regain the ability to climb stairs and slopes


Helps you to walk, squat, kneel and run with lesser pain


Prevents knee joint degeneration


Increased range of motion in your knee joint


Better leg alignment


Posture and gait are better


Can sleep better at night


Better quality family time


Can work better in your job with no pain


Reduced stress level

*Results may vary based on individual conditions

Our Knee Pain Treatment Has High Success Rates With Proven Results!

The Body Clinic’s treatment is different from others as it not only increases your rate of recovery for your knee pain but also shortens your recuperation process. This boosts our clients’ positive outlook on their recovery without giving up on the hope of finding the right knee treatment for themselves.

Many clients come to us for their knee rehabilitation needs such as knee pain due to ageing, degeneration, injury or accident. In conclusion, our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment has proven to have high success rates with effective results.

Our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment, only exclusive to The Body Clinic, has won the trust and support of over 10,000 clients for the past 18 years which is not available in other places since its establishment in 2004.

Given below is the comparison between our pain relief treatment versus other treatments in their collective ratings:

IPX Treatment High Success Rate Bar Chart

See The Transformation Of Our Client Who Has Overcome Her Knee Pain

Seeing is believing as the saying goes! For instance look at the vast improvements that one of our clients has seen and felt for herself, after undergoing the IPX™ Treatment at The Body Clinic:

The Body Clinic IPX Therapy Before And After

Notice how a naturally good posture, coupled with a strengthened and well-stretched body can rid your knee pain woes and put your self-confidence at your peak!

Check out the short video below where our client, Harry, shares his personal journey in dealing with knee pain and how our IPX™ Treatment has helped him!

Harry is 69 years old and suffers from shoulder pain, frozen shoulder and knee pain. It was because he read that The Body Clinic specialises in non-invasive pain relief treatment in treating shoulder pain, knee pain and frozen shoulder that he decided to visit. Due to his knee pain, it used to be so much of a chore walking to the MRT station, literally dragging his feet along but now he walks so well that he finds himself secretly competing against other pedestrians walking from one station to another. The therapists are very jovial and concerned for him and that makes him enjoy his sessions a lot. He has made a big improvement in his shoulder pain, frozen shoulder and knee pain and has no regrets about making the right choice to be here.

Our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment Surpasses Traditional Healing Methods!

A study was done on a group of 80 male and female respondents. Their age range is between 13 to 90 years old. All of them have gone through 1-hour of our exclusive Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment.

As a result, after 3 days of monitoring, the respondents indicated the following improvements:


Reduction in knee pain – 100% agreed


Reduction in knee muscle tightness – 100% agreed


Reduced stiffness in knee joints – 97.9% agreed


Improved knee flexibility and muscle strength – 100% agreed


Increased knee joint range of motion – 98.0% agreed


Better posture and gait – 96.6% agreed


Feel lighter, slimmer and taller – 96.2% agreed


Improved sleep quality for 2 nights or more – 95.7% agreed


Better work productivity – 96.2% agreed

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