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Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment Singapore

Do You Know What Makes Our Treatment Better Than Medicine, Injections, or Surgery For Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain?

Are you looking for a natural way to heal your Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain so you can walk better, sit and stand longer, perform your job better, and not have to deal with throbbing pain every night?

Introducing The Body Clinic’s Latest Exclusive Pain Treatment called The Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment that stops your Knee Pain, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Shoulder Pain naturally with NO side effects from the usage of Medicine, Injection, or Surgery!

It comprises Multi-dimensional Movement Therapy, Muscle Release Technique, Joint Mobilisation, and Spinal Alignment Technique that works beyond traditional pain relief treatments that decompress your spine and joints. It stretches and strengthens muscles, tendons, ligaments and realigns your organs which improve your body strength and flexibility to prevent injuries.

More importantly, the multi-dimensional movement therapy is a combination of art and science that engages unrestricted motions with assisted resistance, waking the muscles that often get ignored. For instance, when the muscles are strengthened and lengthened, the spine gets its much-needed support, which is the central pillar to the other parts of your body, therefore reducing and eventually relieving your joint and muscle pain. Most importantly, you will no longer hear creaking joints and experience muscle tension.

Above all, The Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment is so powerful that it does not require any Medicine, Injections, Surgery, or any forceful manipulation and bone-cracking to your body which you are afraid of! Let your innate healing potential take charge instead.

It’s time to let go of your Knee, Lower Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain and regain your normal life function with freedom of movement.

See The Best *Results For Your Knee Lower Back Neck Shoulder Pain Just After 1 Treatment!

  1. Reduction in pain, inflammation & numbness
  2. Swelling & water retention decreases
  3. Muscle cramp & tightness were reduced
  4. Joint stiffness has decreased
  5. Improved muscle flexibility & strength
  6. Joint Movement Becomes more mobile
  7. Increased range of motion
  8. Better body alignment
  9. Posture and gait are better
  10. Can sleep better in the night
  11. Better quality family time
  12. Can work better in my job with no pain
  13. Reduced stress level

*Results may vary based on individual conditions.

Our Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment Has High Success Rates With Proven Results!

The Body Clinic’s treatment is different from others as it not only increases your rate of recovery for your Knee, Lower Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain but also shortens your recuperation process. This boosts our clients’ positive outlook on their recovery without giving up on the hope of finding the right treatment for them.

Many clients come to us for their rehabilitation needs such as body pain due to Ageing, Degeneration, Injury or Accident. In conclusion, our treatment has proven to have high success rates with effective results.

Our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment, only exclusive to The Body Clinic, has won the trust and support of over 10,000 clients for the past 18 years which is not available in other places since it’s establishment in 2004. Given below is the comparison between our pain relief treatment versus other treatments in their collective ratings:

Comparison Of Our Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Treatment Vs Other Treatments

Comparison Of Our Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief Treatment Vs Other Treatments

See The Transformation Of Our Client Who Has Overcome Her Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

Seeing is believing as the saying goes!

For instance look at the vast improvements that one of our clients has seen and felt for herself, after just 1 month of  the IPX™ Treatment at The Body Clinic:

Improvement In Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain & Posture

Improvement In Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain & Posture

Notice how a naturally good posture, coupled with a strengthened and well-stretched body can rid your pain woes and put your self-confidence at your peak!

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Our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment Surpasses Traditional Healing Methods!

A study was done on a group of 80 male and female respondents. Their age range is between 13 to 90 years old. All of them have gone through 1-hour of our exclusive Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment.

As a result, after 3 days of monitoring, the respondents indicated the following improvements:

  • Reduction in pain – 100% agreed
  • Reduction in muscle tightness – 100% agreed
  • Reduced stiffness in joints – 97.9% agreed
  • Improved flexibility and muscle strength – 100% agreed
  • Increased range of motion – 98.0% agreed
  • Better posture and gait – 96.6% agreed
  • Feel lighter, slimmer and taller – 96.2% agreed
  • Improved sleep quality for 2 nights or more – 95.7% agreed
  • Better work productivity – 96.2%

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Therefore, Check Your Pain Area Before It Becomes Worst Now:

  • Knee Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Hand Numbness
  • Leg Numbness
  • Ankle Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Foot Pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Knee Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Bone Spur

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