Head Pain


What Causes Head Pain?

Long hours of hunching over the computer and poor working ergonomics will cause rounded shoulders and forwarded head posture, which gives rise to neck pain, shoulder pain, as well as head pain as they fall along the cervical spine. Long-term hunching of the back will also lead to shortness of breath and heart palpitations as it can congest your chest, lungs and thoracic area which is the rib cage and the upper spine area. Poor posture causes pain in these areas as well.

Often, one do not realize that bad posture is the cause of the pain and more often than not, they do not realize their postures have deviated from the proper posture, causing the pain to get much worse as the body is out of alignment. Some examples and causes of bad posture include walking with a slouch, carrying heavy weights on one side of your shoulders, reading while lying on your stomach and sitting in a curled-up position in front of the television.

Certain bad habits of daily activities can just be the cause, examples are:

  • bad posture by slouching
  • cradling the phone between the shoulder and neck for a prolonged period
  • carrying a heavy load on one shoulder
  • leaning on one leg while commuting in the bus or train

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