Bunion Treatment Singapore


What Is A Bunion?

Bunion is the most common foot problems. A bunion is an abnormal bulging of bony growth that forms at the base of the big toe, causing it to push towards the other toes and cramping them together. The bunion forms partly because of the new angle of the big toe, and partly due to inflammation over the bunion surface. As the inflammation worsens, pain with shoe wear and simple walking will be experienced.

Contrary to popular beliefs that bunions are only caused by bad footwear, bunions are actually also a result of excessive rolling in of the foot. Towards the end of the gait cycle when the foot has excessively pronated, there is a tendency to roll the inside of the big toe pushing it towards the second toe. This forces the inner part of the foot, especially the big toe joint, bear the body weight. This repetitive motion over time pushes the big toe to assume this position permanently.

Flat-footed people can also suffer from bunion as the foot tends to pronate inward while walking. This long-term pronation will cause swelling and inflammation. The correct walking pattern needs to be learnt in order to re-educate the foot muscles to function properly again. Over-pronation does not only affect the feet and forms bunion, it also forces the lower leg to rotate unwillingly, injuring the knee in the long run.

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