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Back Pain Causes, Symptoms & Treatments Singapore


Back Pain Causes, Symptoms & Treatment?

Back pain is prevalent among white-collar workers in Singapore. It can be caused by prolonged sitting with poor posture that will cause your pelvic area to misalign as it tightens and strains your back muscles and that put lots of undue stress on the lumbar spinal discs in your lower back.

Back problems can also be triggered by carrying heavy things while having weak and tight muscles, accidents, obesity, pregnancy or sports injuries. For pregnant women, prolonged poor posture and habits will cause them to have back problems and pain as the pregnancy progresses. Lower back pain for pregnant women often gets worse towards the end of the day or if they have been standing for a long period of time. This is due to the muscles becoming tired easily and their ligaments stretching beyond the comfortable range due to the combined weight of the mother and foetus.

Do you have the following back pain symptoms such as:

Lower Back Muscle spasm causing difficulty to sit for a longer period of time.

Muscle strain in the lower back which resulted in the inability to walk a longer distance.

Cannot bend due to severe lower back pain causing inflexibility and tightness.

Buttock numbness due to nerve compression from the lumbar spine due to slipped disc or the formation of bone spur caused by lower back degeneration.

Leg numbness causing loss of lower leg sensation due to nerve compression caused by a slipped disc.

Scoliosis which is a sideways curvature of the spine that most often is diagnosed in adolescents.

According to The Back Society Singapore, 1 in 5 Singaporean adults suffer from back and neck pain.

Knee pain can also give rise to back pain due to uneven walking pattern that misaligns the lower back which can develop the possibility of a slipped disc, scoliosis and bone spurs that impinge on your sciatic nerve causing numbness and weaknesses of your leg in the long run.

Prolonged sitting also weakens your core muscles which can lead to lower back pain as it cannot support your lumbar spine well, compressing your lumbar disc.

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