Ankle Pain Treatment Singapore

What Is Ankle Pain?

The ankle joint is comprised of the talus, an irregularly shaped bone with a dome, that sits between the specialized ends of the lower leg bones, the tibia and fibula. Together these two leg bones make the socket that holds the talus in place.

However, when we collapse on our ankle, not only can we sprain the ligament that holds the bones securely in place, but quite often the lower end of the fibula is pushed forward. The three bones no longer sit together properly in the joint, causing a positional fault.

If the talus bone is not seated correctly, it throws off the normal feedback loops and control mechanisms of the ankle, adversely affecting both balance and mobility.

Ankle pain is usually the result of a sprain or an injury or it could be from years of weakness and stiffness in the ankles because of lack of proper stretching and exercise. Reduced use of the foot will not have the ankle healed completely. Moreover, doing that will cause much hindrance to your lifestyle. If your ankle pain is a result of an old injury or weak ankles, it generally takes a little longer to eliminate the ankle pain, because there will be more scar tissue formation and a greater damage.

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