“I was in a very bad shape, there was degeneration in my spine and my neck bone. I couldn’t even sit through a meal without feeling the pain. I had to excuse myself to do stretches in the toilet when I attend dinners or even when I have long travels in the MRT. I dare not even think of travelling to another country. I have seen many specialists in hospitals many times, did physiotherapies on their recommendation and even did TCM acupuncture. But sadly, they did not help me.

I was very lucky to have discovered The Body Clinic 3 years ago, and it was through their amazing therapy, I can do brisk walking, I can also handle more household chores within a short period of time, and I can finally travel with my family! Taking a 12-hour flight to Switzerland is no longer a problem for me! I now declare myself pain-free and I really thank my therapists at The Body Clinic for giving me my life back and I would highly recommend anyone with my condition to seek therapies at The Body Clinic.”