95.8FM城市频道《快乐一家族》Interview with The Body Clinic – Knee Osteoarthritis 13 Nov 17

Nov 14, 2017

95.8FM Interview with The Body Clinic

Together with DJ Li Yisha on her 1pm segment, Levan shared with her listeners on some tips of how to manage knee pain or pain pertaining to knee osteoarthritis due to old age, sports injuries or being overweight.

This strengthening / elongating extension knee exercises will help with knee pain that are not too severe.

Sitting upright on the chair, extend the right leg forward till 180 degrees, pointing the foot forward.

Feel the right quadriceps contracting with the hamstring stretching behind for a count of 3 seconds and bring the leg back to the starting point in a slow, controlled manner.

Repeat on left leg.

Continue this exercise for 5 minutes.

However, if it is too severe, it is better to get a knee X-Ray or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) done to understand the ongoings of what is happening within the knee structures – in relations to the ligaments, bones, muscle and knee cartilages.

And for those who have already undergone knee surgery, it does not mean that it has ended all the problems pertaining to your knee. A lot of people has failed to realize that it is just the beginning after knee surgery;  and Strengthening and Rehabilitation of the knee joints and surrounding muscles is an extremely crucial element in the recovery process as the knee surgery will weaken your muscles and ligaments.

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