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Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment

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What Pain Symptoms Are You Experiencing Now?

Knee pain when walking

Knee Pain

when bending, walking and climbing stairs?

Lower back pain when sitting

Back Pain

when sitting, standing up or can’t bend down?

Neck pain can’t turn head

Neck Pain

can’t turn head or can’t look up?

Shoulder pain cannot reach back

Shoulder Pain

can’t lift arm and can’t reach back?



How To Stop Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Without Surgery, Medicine Or Injections

Select Your Personalised Pain Relief Treatment Now:

The Body Clinic specialises in treating your knee, lower back, neck & shoulder pain, hand & leg numbness without surgery, medicine or injections using our exclusive pain relief treatment called the Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment.

Our Integrated Pain-X™ (IPX™) Treatment is a holistic and non-invasive treatment that heals your body pain due to ageing, joint degeneration, injury or accident such as:

  • Knee Osteoarthritis, Patellar Tendonitis
  • Lower Back Pain, Buttock Pain, Leg Numbness, Sciatica
  • Neck Pain, Hand Numbness, Trigger Finger
  • Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulder
  • Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain
  • Scoliosis

It is a personalised treatment that helps relieve your body pain, muscle spasm, muscle strain, loosen stiff joints, reduces muscle tension, increases muscle strength and relieves nerve pain with effective results and fast recovery.

Say NO to surgery, medicine or injections!

No medications neck shoulder pain treatment

Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment Without Medicine & Surgery

Are you taking too many painkillers? Do you know that long-term dependence on painkillers can damage your liver and kidney? Neck and shoulder pain treatment without medicine and surgery is possible!

No injections lower back pain treatment

Lower Back Pain Treatment Without Surgery Or Medicine

Do you know that steroid injections that relieve back pain cannot be done more than 3 times as they can cause bone loss as a side effect? Get a better lower back pain treatment without surgery or injections here!

No surgery knee pain treatment

Knee Pain Treatment Without Surgery & Injections

Do you know that after a knee replacement surgery, you can never bend your knee fully again? It is a high-risk and NO turn-back decision! We’ll show you a better knee pain treatment without surgery and injections!

Find Out How To Stop Your Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Without Surgery

Book a knee, lower back, neck & shoulder pain FREE checkup with us now! (Usual Price: $120)

*Terms & Conditions Apply

5 Stars Reviews

Our Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment Have Helped 10,000+ Clients Over 18 Years!

View the 5 stars reviews of our client testimonials on how they have stopped their body pain from our effective pain relief treatment without going for surgery!

With over 18 years of pain management expertise since 2004, The Body Clinic has healed over 10,000+ clients with their knee, lower back, neck & shoulder pain, hand and leg numbness helping them to walk better, sit and stand longer and perform well in their job without the pain.

Based on 34 reviews.
Rahmat Othman
22. July, 2022.
I have neck and shoulder, back and knee pain. After the treatment here, the neck tightness, back and knee pain have improved and doesn't recur as often. The therapists are very friendly and helpful. I feel stronger and I can sleep better at night. Thank you very much.
Muthu G mail
15. July, 2022.
I have back pain for two three weeks. After trying few places end up going to body clinic. Really very good within short period all my pain gone. I would recommend people with lower back pain and those don’t want to take any medicine must try this clinic.
Guancheng Neo
14. July, 2022.
I have back pain and sciatica causing my buttock and leg numbness that i cannot sit too long. I received the treatment here and i am very happy my back pain has recovered. Now i can sit longer without the pain. The therapist is very good and the service is very good and friendly. I will defintely come back again. Thank you very much.
Salleh Abdul Samad
27. June, 2022.
I have a treatment for my neck and shoulder pain for 12 year and have treated at The Body Clinic. The therapist was very experienced and have help to release the pain. I recommend to have a treatment at the clinic here they are very professional .
24. June, 2022.
I have Shoulder pulling pain. Treatment helps me to relieve my shoulder pain and help my body become more flexible. Thank you for the treatment.
sofian bin azmi
11. June, 2022.
Very friendly staff, really helped in my recovery after back injury form a bad fall!
shaza sameh
4. May, 2022.
The most efficient and cozy physiotherapy clinic I have ever tried. Not only they helped me fix my chronic knee pain, they helped me understand how my pain started and how to maintain the fix. I started with chronic knee pain, misaligned hips and bowed leg bones structure which added shoulder and back pain as well. Now, I am standing taller with an almost pain free knee and I can happily hike up to 16Km every weekend. In the body clinic I felt sincerely cared for and appreciated. The benefit of every exercise was explained to me thoroughly and I learned how to be mindful of my body. I cannot thank the team enough for their warm embrace.. they do feel like familly.
Huisi Chen
28. April, 2022.
I have been having chronic pain in my neck shoulders back n knee caps for many years..Have gone thr TCM, chiropractic etc but the pain still coming back and luckily I found body clinic. Mr Levan n his team has help me to solve my body pain n issue... They have been very patient n details with my issue. Overall body condition improve alot...Will continue to work hard with them...A big thank to the great team at body clinic.
Minar Lin
28. April, 2022.
I have very bad knee pain until I cannot walk properly. After doing treatment here, my knee pain improved a lot and I can walk better without pain and my body is slimmer and posture is better. The therapist is good and take care of me very well. Thank you very much for the help.
Annie Teo
25. April, 2022.
I have back pain and sciatica causing my leg numbness. I did acupuncture and tuina, with little help. I chanced upon the body clinic and came here to do the treatment. I'm glad that my back pain and, leg numbness have improved a, lot. The therapist is, very caring and take care of, me very well. Thank you very much.

Find Out How To Stop Your Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Without Surgery

Book a knee, lower back, neck & shoulder pain FREE checkup with us now! (Usual Price: $120)

*Terms & Conditions Apply

6 Benefits For Your Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain in Just 1 Treatment

Receive these 6 benefits immediately by choosing our Personalised Pain Relief Treatment, suitable for both men and women, young and old. Find out why you have the pain with NO long queue and waiting time!


Reduces Pain, Inflammation,
Swelling & Numbness

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that whatever is happening in the body is out of the ordinary, and it needs to be stopped right away.


Reduces Muscle Cramp, Tightness, Joint Stiffness & Weakness

Correct posture and postural habits, coupled with proper movement, can prevent tightness and can even increase one’s range of motion.


Improves Muscle Strength
and Flexibility
Helps maintain bone density, improves balance, reduces all types of body aches and pains, and also lowers the risk of injury. Your body will feel lighter, stronger and pain-free!


Ability to Climb Stairs, Walk,
Squat, Kneel and Run

Many older people believe that the inability to perform such tasks is a result of ageing. However, we reversed this belief and led many clients to a pain-free life.


Better Sleep Quality and
Reduced Stress

You can now sleep through the night without having to wake up at midnight with a throbbing pain in your knees, back, neck, and shoulders.


Regain Joint & Limb Mobility and
Prevent Joint Degeneration

Relieve and prevent muscle weakness, joint stiffness, joint deformity and joint degeneration.

Book Your Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain FREE Checkup Now (Usual Price: $120)!

*Terms & Conditions Apply

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