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Are You Suffering from Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Hand & Leg Numbness, Scoliosis, Heel Pain?
Been to many places & spent lots of money with disappointing results?

Don’t worry! We can help you!

Stop Your Knee Pain, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain & Shoulder Pain Without Surgery, Medicine Or Injections with the Multi-Award Winner Today!

Proven Solutions for your Body Pain, Muscle Weakness & Tension, Hand Numbness & Leg Numbness, Muscle Spasm & Muscle Strain!

How To Stop Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Without Surgery, Medicine Or Injections.

The Body Clinic Specialises in treating your Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Hand Numbness & Leg Numbness without Surgery, Medicine Or Injections
Using Our Exclusive Pain Relief Treatment called the 'Integrated Pain-X™’ (IPX™) Treatment.

It is a Personalised Treatment that helps Relieve Your Body Pain, Muscle Spasm, Muscle Strain, Loosen Stiff Joints, Reduces Muscle Tension, Increases Muscle Strength & Relieves Nerve Pain with Effective Results.

Our Pain Relief Treatment is a Holistic & Non Invasive Treatment that Heals Your Body Pain due to Ageing, Joint Degeneration, Injury Or Accident such as:
Knee Osteoarthritis, Patellar Tendonitis
Lower Back Pain, Buttock Pain, Leg Numbness, Sciatica
Neck Pain, Hand Numbness, Trigger Finger
Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulder
Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain

Say NO to Surgery, Medicine Or Injections!

Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment Without Medicine & Surgery


Are you taking too many painkillers? Do you know that long-term dependence on painkillers can damage your liver & kidney? Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment Without Medicine & Surgery is possible!

Lower Back Pain Treatment Without Surgery Or Medicine


Do you know that Steroid Injections that relieve back pain cannot be done more than 3 times as they can cause bone loss as a side effect?  Get a better Lower Back Pain Treatment Without Surgery or Injections Here!

Knee Pain Treatment Without Surgery & Injections


Do you know that after a Knee Replacement Surgery, you can never bend your knee again? It is a high-risk & NO turn-back decision! We’ll show you a better Knee Pain Treatment Without Surgery & Injections!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 Stars Reviews!
Our Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment
have helped 10,000+ clients over 17 Years.

View the 5 Stars Reviews of our client's testimonials on how they have stopped their body pain from our effective Pain Relief Treatment without going for surgery!

With over 17 years of pain management expertise since 2004, The Body Clinic is a multi-award winner who has healed over 10,000+ clients with their Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain, Hand & Leg Numbness helping them to walk better, sit & stand longer and perform well in their job without the pain.

Find Out How To Stop your Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Without Surgery! Book your FREE Pain Checkup Now at 64382900! (Usual Price: $120)

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6 Benefits For Your Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain in Just 1 Treatment

Receive These 6 Benefits Immediately by choosing our Personalised Pain Relief Treatment:

Knee Pain Treatment
Lower Back Pain Treatment
Neck Pain Treatment
Shoulder Pain Treatment
Scoliosis Treatment
Hand & Leg Numbness Treatment
Heel Pain Treatment
Sciatica Treatment

It Is Suitable for both Men and Women, Young and Old.

Find Out Why You Have The Pain with NO Long Queue & Waiting Time!

Book your Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain FREE Checkup Now at 64382900 (Usual Price: $120)

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Reduces Pain, Inflammation, Swelling & Numbness

Pain is the body’s way of letting you know that whatever that is happening in the body is out of the ordinary, and that it must be stopped immediately.

Reduces Muscle Cramp, Tightness, Joint Stiffness & Weakness

Proper posture and postural habits, coupled with correct movement will prevent tightness and even increase one’s range of motion.

Improves Muscle Strength & Flexibility

Help maintain bone density, improve balance, reduce all the body aches and pain and also lower the risk of injury. Your body will feel Lighter, Stronger & Pain-Free!

Ability to Climb Stairs, Walk, Squat, Kneel & Run

Older folks submit to the fact that the inability to perform such tasks is a result of aging. We disagreed and got many clients back to having pain-free lives.

Better Sleep Quality & Reduced Stress

Get a good night of sleep once again without waking up at midnight with a throbbing pain in your Knee, Back, Neck & Shoulder!

Regains Joint & Limb Mobility and Prevents Joint Degeneration

Relieve and prevent muscle weakness, joint stiffness, joint deformity and degeneration.

Over 17 Years Of Trust, The Body Clinic Awards Are Your Preferred Brand For Pain Relief Treatment!

Book A FREE Pain Checkup Or Call 64382900 Now! (UP: $120)

More Testimonials About Our Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain Treatment

Be Our Next Success Story on how you have stopped your Knee, Lower Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain!
  • I usually get ankle pain after my jogs and pain in my right elbow after my golf sessions. The therapies at The Body Clinic have mostly removed the pain in my ankles after running. The pain in the right elbow has subsided and I feel so much better as I am not afraid to swing my golf club better

  • Since being with The Body Clinic for only 2 weeks, I have no difficulties climbing stairs on my way to pick my grandson. The Body Clinic has decreased the pain in both my knees and I can now kneel down completely to pray with my family more frequently. I will continue my journey with The Body Clinic to bond with my family better.

  • The Body Clinic’s personalised 1-to-1 therapies attracted me and I decided to try their therapy. My therapist at The Body Clinic helped me strengthen my back and firmed my calves and brachial muscles. I experience no more pain and aches after coming for therapy!

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